Monday, July 14, 2014

Your Mind Isn't Always Your Friend, Your Soul Is

Dear Ones, 

Have you noticed that sometimes you have a great idea and then you have lots of reasons why that wouldn't work/isn't possible for you/a silly idea, and so on?  Our minds have the experience of only this lifetime.  Our souls have the experience of all of our lifetimes.  We can connect with our souls and re-acquaint ourselves with the experiences and wisdom of our souls.  We do this through our spiritual channels: soul communication, third eye, direct knowing.

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Join my BlogTalkRadio program live every Monday at 4pm pacific. The topic of today's program was how our minds block us and what to do about that. The link for this is below. Join my radio show every week and you can call in during the last 10 minutes to ask one question and receive the answer from your soul.

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I am also available for Soul Readings (guidance from your soul, from holy beings, saints, angels, etc.)  This is deep wisdom specifically for you and for helping you to be healthier and happier in your life. 

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Love and Light,
Master Peggy


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