Monday, December 16, 2013

Communicate with Your Own Soul, Experience Your Soul Healing Miracles

Dear Ones,

Remember when you were in school and the teacher called on you or you were taking a test and your mind just went blank.  You knew the answer but could not recall it.  In that moment you may have wished that someone in the classroom would shout out the answer and save you from the embarrassment or the fear of getting a bad grade.

Life is like this sometimes.  We want more wisdom, more guidance for our lives and for our interactions with others and the world.  We want to be able to trust that the answers we have are the most appropriate and could be the most successful way to move forward.  And so we begin a search for the perfect guide for us.  Who would have the answers for me?  And then we have another question that may or may not be what we are seeking.  There are so very many out in the world to coach, teach or guide us.  How do we choose?  This is another unanswered question to add to our never-ending list.

Most do not realize that the answers are often not outside of us.  We don’t realize that our own souls have incredible wisdom.  Our souls remember every part of every one of our potentially hundreds of lifetimes.  When we are able to access the wisdom of our own souls we can receive the truth from our souls.  Our souls want the very best for us in our physical life and in our spiritual life.  Our souls want us to move forward, serve, and release our blockages.  Our souls want us to eventually not have to be serving on Mother Earth.  Our souls would dearly love to be serving from the soul world.

We can receive these direct answers to our specific questions when we learn to communicate through soul language with our souls, and with any soul.  It is not just our souls that have guidance for us.  The trees have wisdom, animals have wisdom, the ocean has wisdom, Mother Earth has wisdom.  All of the souls of these have wisdom and guidance for us.  All the holy beings, buddhas, saints, etc. have wisdom and guidance for us.

In future postings I will be guiding you in how to bring out the language of your soul.  Every soul has its own language, which develops and changes over time.  I will guide you how to translate your soul’s language into your native language.

If you wish to get started right away I recommend you get a copy of one of these books by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha:  “Soul Communication” or “Soul Wisdom”.  Both are available in paperback or audio book on Master Sha’s website,, or at your favorite online bookseller.

Your soul, like you, has wisdom, likes and dislikes, personality traits.  Join me in future postings and on blogtalk radio to learn how to get to know your own soul and receive its guidance and wisdom for you.

Your own Soul Healing Miracles through communication with your soul are waiting for you!

Love and Light,
Master Peggy

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