Monday, March 31, 2014

Exploring the Soul World

Dear Ones,

I had an interesting conversation recently with someone who does not understand the soul world.  This person understands what they can see, touch, measure, etc.  Many on the planet may not be aware that there is much to our lives that is not obvious.  We each have a soul, essence, higher self, spirit.  We have many names for that part of ourselves that lives lifetime after lifetime.  In addition to this soul, everything has a soul.  Our organs have a soul, each of our cells have their own soul, our relationships and finances also have a soul.  These are not the same type of soul as our individual soul that reincarnates.

When we open our spiritual channels, including soul communication and the third eye, we can have direct contact and experience of the many souls of us.  We can seek guidance from our own souls and from all of the soul world, saints, buddhas, etc.  Our reincarnated souls retain the memory of everything we have ever experienced in all of our lifetimes.  We can communicate with our own souls and re-aquaint ourselves with the wisdom and practical knowledge our souls have.

As we develop our spiritual channels, and we use them to help ourselves and others to be healthier and happier, our spiritual channels can expand and become more accurate.  When we serve others (not just people) from our hearts and souls, without expecting anything in return, we receive virtue or good karma.  This good karma helps to transform our soul, mind and body blockages and can uplift our soul standing.  When that happens the bigger the heaven's team that shows up to help us in our service.  Every soul has a goal to serve enough that it does not have to be human anymore, and does not have to learn karmic lessons for those things we did in the past that we shouldn't have done.  The souls in heaven's realm, the soul world, are also souls that want to serve.  It is the purpose of every soul to serve.

I encourage you to open your hearts, minds and souls to the possibilities of open spiritual channels.  There are universes within us and within every soul that we can explore, and receive wisdom and guidance from to enhance our lives and the lives of others and for all of Mother Earth.

At Master Sha's Soul Healing Center in San Francisco we offer workshops in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to help you to open and further develop your spiritual channels.  For those not in this area I recommend the books by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha: "Soul Communication" or "Soul Wisdom".

Blessings to all,
Master Peggy

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