Monday, March 10, 2014


Dear Ones,

I learned a lot about the Divine growing up, in school and in church.  I saw the Divine as a kind and loving being.  I had a relationship with the Divine and never really questioned that relationship.  I felt my parents had a much stronger relationship with the Divine than I had or ever would have.

It never occured to me that the relationship between me and the Divine had some karmic blockages.  I did not grow up knowing anything about 'karma'.  Now I fully understand that we create good or bad karma in everything we think, say, do.

So, for me, there are some blockages in my relationship with the Divine that I created in past lives.  We have all had many, many, many opportunities in our lifetimes to create good karma and to create not good karma.  My sense as a little girl that my parents had something that was out of reach for me was accurate.  No matter what I did I just did not have the connection with the Divine that my parents and others had.  I didn't think much about it.  I just took it as 'that's the way it is' for me. It was a mystery and I just had to live with the mystery.

Now I know I created this division between the Divine and me.  The Divine loves me and wants me to progress on my soul journey and my physical journey. And now I have an opportunity to have that karma cleared in my relationship with the Divine.  How many lifetimes have I waited for this time and this opportunity?  Many, many I am sure.

If you want to know more about this opportunity for you and your loved ones, please contact me. We don't have to be estranged from the Divine any more.  The Divine is willing to clear this karma in our relationship.

Blessings to you all,
Master Peggy


  1. Lovely post Master Peggy -- Simple and profound teaching carrying SO much POWER. I have always felt this between myself and the Divine and always known that it was effecting my soul journey and especially my relationship with the Divine and also my beloved Master Sha and the Divine Mission. I am so excited that i have the opportunity to change this and my path to be saved. YES - SAVED! Thank you and i ask that ALL financial blessings be turned on for me to be able to provide this for myself and all loved ones. We are so blessed in this life time xx

  2. Yes, this is truly a profound teaching. I had a similar experience growing up in a home where we did not go to church but I went on my own as a small child, about 7 years old. I learned the story of Jesus and also the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors. I loved these stories. I went to a private Christian academy for four years. They would make a 'calling' during church services and I always felt like a hypocrite. I would cry and feel badly about my 'sins.' But I couldn't bring myself to go up front and, when I did go up front, would find myself making the same mistakes, and then the guilt would compound. Through high school and my young adult years I became an atheist and agnostic. During this period I know I accumulated some 'bad' karma with the Divine (God). I'm so ecstatic to have found my teacher and to have cleared this major karma between me and the Divine. It's only been a day or two since this happened and I already feel a difference in my relationships and how I view and experience life. I am extremely grateful. TY for bringing out this wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime service Master Peggy.

  3. Dear Master Peggy, thank you very much for telling your story and for your total GOLD service. I deeply enjoy your meditations on the Chanting Channel. You inspired me to share my story about relationship karma in my own blog. If you want to read it, it is here:

    Love to all of you,
    Eva Cornelia