Friday, March 7, 2014


Dear Ones,

Our souls are happy to guide us.  They have incredible wisdom, gained from all of our lifetimes.  When we talk to our souls we can access that wisdom.  Our souls remember everything we ever experienced, did, said, thought, saw, smelled, touched.  They have experienced our ups and downs in every one of our lives.  If we feel stuck in any particular way in our lives we can receive guidance and insight directly from our souls to make the changes that could be very beneficial for us, in any aspect of life.  We all have ups and downs in life.  Our souls can help us to smooth out that process and to heal and transform the downs more quickly.

We may not realize that our souls also have their own personality, likes, and dislikes.  When we talk to our souls we can discover all of this.  It is through soul communication that we can hear the answers in these conversations.

My first workshop with Dr and Master Sha, in September 1998, was on how to open up my soul language and how to translate that language into English (or one’s native language).  I learned that every soul has its own language that grows and changes over time.  Later I learned that every soul has its own song, which also grows and changes over time.  In that first workshop my soul language came out the very first day, which was rare in those days.  I was very surprised to next find myself in front of the room ‘translating’ Master Sha’s soul language.  It took me more time to do practices to build my foundation energy and more times of practicing soul language translation for my accuracy to build.

Our souls are in charge of our lives, no matter what our minds might say about that.  The more we are in touch with our souls the healthier and happier we could be.  Our souls have our best interest at heart.  They want us to succeed on our soul journey as well as in our physical life.

In addition to talking to our own souls, we can also talk to any soul.  And everything has a soul.  We can have conversations with higher souls, like saints, angels, buddhas and actually hear their guidance.  When we communicate with these higher souls we could receive wisdom and guidance that could really change our lives for the better. 

We can talk to other souls for practical issues also.  For instance, if you have lost something you can talk to that soul and empower it to reveal itself:  ‘Dear soul, mind and body of [my keys], I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.  You have the power to reveal yourself to me as quickly as possible.  Do a good job. Thank you.’  Then chant your soul language, or 'love' for a few minutes.  Then you have to stop looking for [your keys].  You have empowered that soul to do something and if you keep looking your are saying you don’t trust that object to reveal itself.

Our souls are happy to guide us.  The souls in Heaven's Realm are happy to guide us. Open your mind and your heart to your soul and the higher souls.  You don't have to stay stuck in the doldrums.
 Listen to my blogtalk radio program on Mondays at 4pm pacific to learn how.   Here are a few recent programs:  or come to one of the Open Spiritual Channels workshops at Master Sha’s Soul Healing Center in San Francisco.  
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Love and Light to all,
Master Peggy

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